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Point of View

“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.”

George Washington Carver

A dear, elderly friend of mine once remarked, “Honey, it’s all in the way you look at things.” I’ve often recalled her insightful words of wisdom, especially during challenging seasons of my life. Obviously, this positive and faith-filled individual discovered a very precious secret along life’s pathway, which enabled her to view her circumstances through eyes of hope and thankfulness.

When I was a child, my parents and I frequently went camping on the weekend in our small travel trailer to a favorite site located next to the Payette River and under the tall Idaho pines. Because our “spot” was almost a hundred miles from home, we usually arrived long after dark on Friday night. Once we were settled, and in bed, I would gaze out the small upper bunk window at the towering trees and think to myself how big and unfriendly they appeared in the night shadows. After a time, I’d snuggle deep into my sleeping bag, close my eyes, and dream of morning.

When the first rays of sunlight filtered through the curtains, I again peered out the little window. The huge pines which seemed so threatening in the darkness now glistened in the morning sun. Same scene. Different perspective. Our point of view can make all the difference in the world. ~ D. L. Norris

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