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Courage to Believe

Hope insists, despite evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits if we have the courage to believe. 

D. L. Norris

In times of uncertainty, our hearts long for a return to normalcy and stability. We look for comforting signs that speak of consistency as we navigate through the unknowns.  Being a hopeful thinker about the future helps to build our resilience, giving us yet another tool for handling stress, change, and adversity.  

Personally, I have discovered immense joy in the signs of approaching spring (especially if winter has seemed long) —purple crocus, bright yellow forsythia, and the return of beautiful migrating birds. It doesn’t change the fact that we may be in the middle of a crisis, but it does remind us that there is still beauty all around us. For those of faith, it is a clear demonstration that someone higher than us is in control. Where will our hope take us? To a place of peace and calm if we allow. 

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